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Explore Translation proudly has served our clients with our special / professional team members that have talent and skillset. We have no doubt that there is nothing we are unable to assist you in making your experience in Japan more enjoyable and unforgettable. Talk to us and we will be very pleased to help you!


Staff profile



I am a licensed English teacher in Japan with over a decade of experience in teaching English. I have performed as a translator/interpreter for various needs from translating official documents for Embassy submission, interpreting at medical appointments to assisting our clients in booking reservations and researching on specific requests. 

I enjoy traveling, finding good coffee shops, and taking yoga and Jazzercise® classes.

We are excited to serve you for all your translating / traveling needs!



I spent a few years as a customer service representative for US Marines, Sailors and dependents. There I created trip itineraries based on customer preferences, handled questions and concerns, and negotiated on their behalf with off base hotels and transportation. I also conducted both written and verbal translation for over 180 active construction projects between USMC and GOJ regarding design, engineering and construction management.

I am very excited to show you around through Explore Translation. It has always been in my heart to support service members and families who are struggling with the language. We are here for you. Looking forward to meeting you all.



Hi! I’m Tonya and I’m a Navy spouse for the past 11 years. I’ve lived overseas for a total of 9 years (6 Japan, 3 Hawai’i). I love traveling, exploring and learning new cultures! I’m thankful to have a spouse who is native born to Japan and speaks Japanese so I get the insiders view when exploring but have my own American perspective. I’ve been a Pharmacist for the last 14 years and enjoy helping people and sharing useful pertinent advice and information. I’m glad I can share my insiders scoop, knowledge and experience with our military and military affiliated families and friends!



I have done market and policy research in the field of science and technology such as synthetic biology, renewable energy, and nanotechnology in English then translated relevant articles and composed reports in Japanese. My area of expertise is vast - from current events, politics, economy, medicine, to beauty. 

Explore Translation offers its services to broad spectrum of customers with requests for translation/interpretation in different areas. Working for ET has given me a great gift of learning. 

I like to play the piano, take or teach Zumba® class, watch movies, and practice the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on my free time. 



I specialize in general IT and hospitality translation. I have also worked on many projects including finance, bioscience and HR. With my strong research skills, I can accurately translate jargons that are difficult to understand even for natives.

I love working for Explore Translation because I feel close to clients and well supported by the team.

My favorite pastimes are gardening, reading and exercising.


I specialize in business translation. I’m able to work on many projects, including products catalogues, companies’ pamphlets, financial analysis and HR. I try my best to translate accurately even jargons.

I also translate novels and scripts from English or Japanese to Chinese. My goal is that I try to translate accurately, so readers will have almost as same feelings as reading in the original language.