Phone Call / Messenger / Text Services



$4 / 3 credits (restaurant/salon) or $6 / 5 credits (hotel)  — Would you like a dinner reservation at a specific place to enjoy dinner with friends or family without having to wait in a line? or do you want to make an appointment to have your nails / hair done at a salon out in town? How about a hotel reservation? Let Explore translation help you have smooth services at places you go. 



$5 or 7 / 5 or 7 credits for every 15 minutes ー Are you at City Hall, car dealership, chiropractic office or your child's school and trying to communicate with the workers? Please call us so we can assist you in making yourself understood. If possible, make an appointment with Explore Translation in advance so we can serve you better and expect you at a certain time.

*$7/15mins for phone-call assistance at medical appointments



$6 / 5 credits — Do you have to go to a medical facility or change your appointment time or date out in town, and need somebody to call the place for you? Let us do the work.

*Please remember to call/text us right away when you have to cancel/reschedule your appointment or you are running late for your appointment so we can call the place for you! We do not charge to call businesses for the reasons mentioned above IF it is an appointment we have made for you.



$5 / 5 credits for every 15 minutes — Do you need assistance in finding something out? We will do research for you and possibly make an appointment / reservation on your behalf. (*This service does not guarantee we necessarily will find the answer to your request.)

-$5 / 5 credits extra if an online payment service is included along the way helping you.
-$10 / 10 credits extra if money transaction needs to be made by us at local bank/post office.