VapeLine Sasebo


Vape Shop in the accessible Ginza area!!

・The best selection in Nagasaki!

・200 different kinds of juice available!

・Plenty of replacement parts in store!

・We accept Yen, Visa, Master Card, American Express and American Dollars!

Gift cards available in store!!


Please visit these pages for more information!


5-3 Kamikyo-machi Sasebo-shi Nagasaki Prefecture

Hours of Operation:

Tuesdays - Saturdays 12AM〜10PM
Sundays 10AM〜8PM
Mondays Closed


NIHACHI Steak Tavern

Photo 2019-03-30 12 26 15.jpg

Craving for some juicy & delicious steaks? But not looking for an expensive steak salon for a fancy date night?
This NIHACHI Steak Tavern is the perfect place for you!

You can either just drop by for lunch or dinner, or you can also make a reservation for a small - medium sized group dinner with their all-you-can-eat menu through Explore Translation!

Explore Translation can make your reservation for this steak tavern at no cost! All-you-can-eat is highly recommended and is available for dinner only (after 15:00/3pm). Perfect for a family dinner or farewell party for your friend.

Explore Translation can make your reservation for this steak tavern at no cost! All-you-can-eat is highly recommended and is available for dinner only (after 15:00/3pm). Perfect for a family dinner or farewell party for your friend.



Cancellation Policy

  • No show                  100% of your scheduled total course price

  • Same day                 50% of your scheduled total course price

  • One day in advance      30% of your scheduled total course price


NIHACHI Steak Tavern
Business Hours: 11:00~22:00, Closed on Thursdays
Location: 4-8 Yamagatachō, Yamagata-cho Sasebo, Nagasaki 857-0878
*Please find a parking spot somewhere nearby. Parking space next to the restaurant does not belong to NIHACHI. Thank you for understanding.


avanti - Italian Bar & Dining


Looking for somewhere stylish and resonable to have drinks with your friends?Planning a party for your shop or work center?

“avanti” is the perfect place to throw a welcome / farewell / promotion / 4th of July celebration parties, etc!

Contact Explore Translation is contracted with this establishment to communicate for you. We make arrangements in detail even if you have special requests, and at no extra charge for you.


avanti menu


Free reservation service through Explore Translation with this bar!


Cancellation Policy

  • No show                  100% of your scheduled total course price

  • Same day                 50% of your scheduled total course price

  • One day in advance      30% of your scheduled total course price

Name *
What type of occasion would you like a reservation for?
What is the approx. number of people for this reservation?

Hours: 18:00-26:00 (Last call: 25:30)

Location: 5th Floor in YY Bldg
6-15 Shimokyo-machi Sasebo, Nagasaki 857-0875

Near Cinema Box Sun & Lion Tower, right off the “Ginza” (Yonka-cho Arcade)


manto - Screen/Digital Printing & Embroidery


We, manto, are a local shop for embroidery and garment printing works with a reputation for creating high quality, trendy concepts with exquisite detail. We offer a variety of products from simple name embroidery services to custom screen printing on clothes, embroiderd jerseys, to canvas UV printing services and more!

Our headquarters is located in Saikai City, Nagasaki. We opened “manto” in central Sasebo right next to Gobangai Mall (“the new mall”) because we would like our customers to be able to use our store as a one-stop source.



We have variety of products that you can personalize for yourself or as gifts. Please contact Explore Translation to inquire about your prospective project.

Here are only a few examples of what we can offer!

-Screen and digital printing (T-shirts, hats, bags, onsies etc.)
-Embroidery (T-shirts, sweat shirts, jerseys, bags, onsies, etc.)
-UV printing (iPhone cases, cellphone chargers, Bluetooth speakers, canvas printing etc.)

*We have items such as T-shirts, hats and more for you to order from our catalog, but you can also bring in your own items for embroidery and screen/digital printing.


Pricing List

embroidery 1.png
important notes.PNG
embroidery 2.PNG
embroidery 3.png
UV printing.png
screen-digital printing.png
screen-digital printing 2.png
screen-digital printing 3.png
optional customization.png
Name *
We can ship most products to Iwakuni or other parts in Japan as well.
Interested menu *
Which menu are you interested in?




2-9 Yorozu-cho Sasebo City
Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan


10:00 ~ 18:00
Closed on Sundays

LUNON Kimono Photography Studio


Photography along with Kimono Rental, Hair & Make-Up Services

Interested in a photo shooting experience in kimonos, but have been hesitant about spending too much on the prints because that’s the only way to get data on the disc around here in Japan?

We provide hair & make-up, kimono rental and photography services, and our salon is located in Imari City, Saga Prefecture. Only 40 minutes by car from Main Base.

Explore Translation has contracted with LUNON because we would love you to be able to experience a satisfying photo shooting session in kimonos with your family and friends, and get lots of data for an afordable price! Explore Translation will be there to help you communicate, and of course, go to a specific location to shoot as well.

Please message us for more information.


Photography Menu


Standard Session
(without kimonos)

◆30-minute shooting session - 14,000yen
-Up to 3 poses
-50 high-resolution images on disc
*Studio only

◆60-minute shooting session - 18,000yen
-Up to 6 poses
-100 high-resolution images on disc

If traveling is involved, additional fees shall apply.
-Okawachiyama Porcelain Village / Within Imari City…5,000yen extra
-Outside Imari City (30km or 18.6mi from studio)…8,000yen extra


Kimono Session

*Please note that there are additional costs to these listed prices below for kimono sessions.

◆30-minute session in studio - 17,000yen
Up to 3 poses
30 high-resolution images on disc
2 - 5x7 prints
*Studio only

◆60-minute session in studio - 18,000yen
100 high-resolution images on disc

◆60-minute outdoor session - 23,000yen
100 high-resolution images on disc
Location fee for Okawachiyama Pottery Village

***Please note that fitting is required on a different date before session due to limited kimono sizes. We discuss your session at the meeting so your session will turn out the most successful possible.


Prices for Kimono Rental and Dress-Up Service


(Separate from session fees)

◆Boy (Up to around 3.5 ft tall) 5,000yen

◆Girl (Up to around 4.1 ft tall)
5,000yen (3,000yen extra for hair & light make-up)

-Boy/Man (Bigger boy than above) / Man 13,000yen
-Girl/Lady (Bigger girl than above) / Woman 13,000~14,000yen (4,000yen extra for hair / 3,000yen extra for make-up)
*Prices vary depending on how you would like your “obi belt” to be folded.


Why we beat the competition?

  1. We only have authentic kimonos.

  2. You will get lots of digital images on disc at no additional cost.

  3. We also provide hair & make-up services in studio (for both kids and adults).

  4. We can shoot outdoor even in kimonos.

  5. Your package comes with translation services at no additonal cost.

  6. We have kimonos for adults as well.


-All pricings include a fee for on-site interpretation services by Explore Translation.

-All pricings exclude 8% tax.

-We accept payments by card.

-All of our kimonos are authentic unlike the ones at other famous photo studios out in town.

-A meeting with the photographer and stylist required in advance to make arrangements for each session (usually on different day.)

-Plus-size kimonos are not available.

-It takes a month to receive a disc of data. One or two images can be received sooner if needed.

-Kimono sessions are only available in studio or Okawachiyama Porcelain Village (5-min drive from studio.)

-We ask payment be made in full at the first meeting.

-In case you need to cancel or reschedule your reserved session, please do so at least 3 days prior to your shooting day. If fail to notify in advance, your reservation will be automatically cancelled and 100% of your scheduled session fee will be charged. 50% will be charged in case session is cancelled after the first meeting & money transaction.

-Shooting session needs to happen within 1 month after the first meeting. If session does not happen within a month, 100% cancellation fee will be applied.

Name *
Type of session *
Which session are you interested in?




Hei 2548-5 Okawachimachi Imari City, Saga Prefecture Japan


08:30 ~ 19:00 Mon, Wed, Thur and Fri
08:30 ~ 17:00 Weekend & JP holiday
Closed … Tuesday

Sasebo Acupuncture and Massage Clinic


We are “Seikotsuin” -nationally licensed and have had proper training as “bonesetters” in specialized schools. We see patients for medical aspects. Please experience our professional services. We look forward to seeing you! 

-Koichi Sekido, Head chiropractor


Massage Menu

-15 minutes - 1,620yen
-30 minutes - 2,160yen
-45 minutes - 3,240yen


Acupuncture Menu

-Body - 3,240yen (About 45 minutes)

-Basic facial cosmetic treatment (30 needles) - 3,020yen (About 1 hour)

-Deluxe facial cosmetic treatment (50 needles) - 4,100yen (About 1 hour)

Acupuncture is able to treat conditons like

  • muscle spasms and pain

  • chronic back problems and pain

  • headaches, including reducing the frequency and intensity of migraines

  • neck pain

  • osteoarthritis

  • knee pain

  • allergies

  • digestive problems

  • mood, depression

  • facial skin problems (wrinkles, acne, sagging cheeks, swelling, dry skin, darkened pores and more)


Please read a blog below, written by Chealse based on her first acupuncture experience.


-Whole body - 3240yen (About 30 minutes) 

Name *
Treatment type(s) *
Which treatment(s) are you interested in?




3-1 Shinminato-machi Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture Japan

  1. Inside of Gobangai Shopping Mall (五番街) "The New Mall"

  2. Past Starbucks in the book store accross the escalator, on Ocean Terrace side

  3. It is located next to the esthetic salon, Ocean Breeze, which is in the corner in the picture below.


09:00 ~ 20:00 every day

I-Medi Clinic

Please note that you MUST have a translator for your consultation.
Call or text Explore Translation at 070-4125-3730 to make your appointment or fill out the form to inquire about this facility now!

I-Medi Clinic LOGO.JPG

I-Medi Clinic is Cosmetic Dermatology medical practice that specializes in permanent laser hair removal, acne treatment, dark-spot/sun-spot removal treatment and Botox.
Their hair removal treatment gives you more satisfying results compared to those given at aesthetic salons.

I-Medi Clinic provides a wide range of services for all skin needs. Book your consultation through Explore Translation and the clinic will cover your translator fee for your consultation*.
Contact us to schedule today!

Free consultation for laser hair removal, ear piercing and anti-aging injections!

*Consultation fee…3,000-4,000yen for other treatments

Free on-site translation services for your consultation

*On-site translator cost is NOT covered but remote support is available for...
-ear piercing
-excessive sweating/underarm odor
-anti-aging injections




Cancellation Policy

1.  A no-call / no-show cancellation without forewarning is $50

2.  When a client’s tardiness results in a cancelation by the vendor, a $50 charge will be given.

3.  Reschedule on same-day as appointment: 10% of that day’s intended treatment costs ($10 for a consultation)

4.  Cancelation of treatment on same-day as appointment: 20% of scheduled treatment costs ($20 for a consultation)

*Please communicate with us immediately if you need to change your appointment or are running late.
: 070-4125-3730

This cancellation policy is to protect the integrity of Explore Translation’s relationship with host nation vendors. Thank you for understanding.

Name *
What type(s) of treatment are you interested in? *
Please select all treatments that you are interested in.
Available day(s)?
Please select day(s) of the week we can schedule your appointment.
Available time(s)?
What time are you available?
Please tell us more about your request.

Before and After Photos

















Japan, 〒857-0872 Nagasaki-ken, Sasebo-shi, Kamikyōmachi, 5−9 メルクール Bld

Hours of operation

Closed on Tuesdays, every other Sunday, some JP holidays


Take credit cards
Payments need to be made by yen for consultations and/or prescriptions.