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Iwakuni Horseback Riding Club

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Our stable is located in Iwakuni, near the Chicken Shack. Do you have experience in riding in your country, but miss interacting with horses?

Why don’t you start riding again and spend a relaxing time while enjoying the ride at our stable surrounded by beautiful greenary?

You can also have your children enjoy our lead riding menu!

We have 14 horses in our facility and 6 of them are available for lessons and lead riding. One of the 6 horses is a racehorse called Satono Etoile. You can ride him if you are fairly experienced.

We rent out riding hats for those who take lessons. Please wear casual clothes such as jeans and sneakers.

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Reservation ONLY

Explore Translation assists you in making reservations for a trial or lesson. No reservation fee is required. Please hire a translator at Explore Translation ($60 for a trip) just for your very first visit if you have an intension to become a member.



◆Lead Riding - One round…1,080yen/person (2 laps on our 33yd x 33yd ground)
Short trial riding escorted by our instructors.

*Recommended for children or thoes who are not experienced
*Rider must be 3 years old or older

◆Visitor’s Lesson (30 minutes) - weekday…7,560yen / weekend…8,640yen
Thoes who is experienced only, please.

◆Advanced visitor’s Lesson (40 minutes) - weekday…10,800yen / weekend…11,880yen
-Thoes who are interested in dressage or jumping
-Instructed by one of our very experienced staff who have competed at national equestrian events or are a member of Japan Equestrian Federation

◆Set of 10 tickets - 54,000yen (30 mins x 10 times)

Membership plans

《Membership fee》
Regular membership…108,000yen
One-year membership…54,000yen
Weekday membership…54,000yen
Junior membership…54,000yen (Age of 18 or younger)

《Annual fee》

《Monthly fee》
Regular membership holder…16,200yen
One-year membership holder…16,200yen
Weekday membership holder…10,800yen
Junior membership holder…10,800yen

*Please note that you are required to pay all three fees mentioned above to become a member.
*If you sign up as a one-year member but decide to become a regular member after the first year, you can do so just by paying the difference.

《Riding fee》40 minutes/without an instructor
10 tickets…10,800yen (available on weekends as well)

《Lesson fee》with an instructor
10 tickets…9,720yen

*Our prices include riders insurance, the rental fee of a riding hat and 8% tax.
*There is an instructor who speaks fair English/is available for a lesson, but please make sure to book your lesson through Explore Translation.

*Weight limit for riding horses is under 80kg.
*We only take yen.

Name *
Type of menu *
What menu are you interested in? (Check more than one if you wish)
Please include who is/how many of you are interested in visiting. If you intend to become a member, please also include time and date that you are available to meet up with a translator.




1340-1 Hashirano Iwakuni
Yamaguchi Prefecture


Closed on Mondays
*In case Monday is a Japanese public holiday, we will be closed on Tuesday instead.