Vape Line Iwakuni


Why don't you try vaping just like you drink refreshing coffee in the mornings that enriches your life?

They offer nicotine & tar free vape in store.
They have some free samples for customers to try something news, and they also have about 200 flavors available! Enjoy finding flavors that attract you.


It does not matter if you are a beginner or proficient user, they are confident that you will enjoy their good selection of machines!

They take such good care of parts exchange and maintenance. Please feel free to visit them and check the place out. Coil and mod builders are on-site. Their friendly and skillful in-house builders will show you how it’s done and teach you in the process. :)


Please follow them on Instagram and Facebook, too!


Hours of Operation

Tuesdays - Fridays … 12:00-21:00


(Please follow hours above for JP holiday hours.)


3 Chōme 3-1 Marifumachi, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi 740-0018


Iwakuni International Kanko Hotel


A perfect venue for banquets with a beautiful overlooking Kintai Bridge view!

Looking for a banquet hall with a great view out in town? Let Explore Translation help you communicate with the Kanko Hotel to get the planning started. We will provide our team member on-site, translate food menu and more to assist you. They have a banquet hall that can accomodate a small group to up-to 300 people.


We will not only help plan a formal function or private party, but also make a family dinner reservation! Please fill out the form below to inquire about your possible reservation.



Name *
How many of you would be using the faciity?
Date *
When woul you like your reservation for?
Which one are you inquiring about - a banquet or a restaurant reservation? If a lunch/dinner reservation, which restaurant would you like to reserve?

Dining & Bar Sakura


11:00〜14:30(Last call 13:30)

17:00〜21:30(Last call 20:30)


20:30〜22:30(Last call 22:00)

Sichuan Restaurant

Mondays to Saturdays Lunch 11:00〜14:00(Last call 13:45)

Dinner 17:00〜21:00(Last call 20:45)

Sundays/Holidays Lunch 11:00〜15:00(Last call 14:30)

Dinner 17:00〜21:00(Last call 20:30)


Iwakuni International Kanko Hotel
1-chōme-1-7 Iwakuni, Yamaguchi 741-0062


Iwakuni Horseback Riding Club

Photo 2018-11-19 14 25 32.jpg

Our stable is located in Iwakuni, near the Chicken Shack. Do you have experience in riding in your country, but miss interacting with horses?

Why don’t you start riding again and spend a relaxing time while enjoying the ride at our stable surrounded by beautiful greenary?

You can also have your children enjoy our lead riding menu!

We have 14 horses in our facility and 6 of them are available for lessons and lead riding. One of the 6 horses is a racehorse called Satono Etoile. You can ride him if you are fairly experienced.

We rent out riding hats for those who take lessons. Please wear casual clothes such as jeans and sneakers.

Photo 2018-11-19 14 24 48.jpg

Reservation ONLY

Explore Translation assists you in making reservations for a trial or lesson. No reservation fee is required. Please hire a translator at Explore Translation ($60 for a trip) just for your very first visit if you have an intension to become a member.



◆Lead Riding - One round…1,080yen/person (2 laps on our 33yd x 33yd ground)
Short trial riding escorted by our instructors.

*Recommended for children or thoes who are not experienced
*Rider must be 3 years old or older

◆Visitor’s Lesson (30 minutes) - weekday…7,560yen / weekend…8,640yen
Thoes who is experienced only, please.

◆Advanced visitor’s Lesson (40 minutes) - weekday…10,800yen / weekend…11,880yen
-Thoes who are interested in dressage or jumping
-Instructed by one of our very experienced staff who have competed at national equestrian events or are a member of Japan Equestrian Federation

◆Set of 10 tickets - 54,000yen (30 mins x 10 times)

Membership plans

《Membership fee》
Regular membership…108,000yen
One-year membership…54,000yen
Weekday membership…54,000yen
Junior membership…54,000yen (Age of 18 or younger)

《Annual fee》

《Monthly fee》
Regular membership holder…16,200yen
One-year membership holder…16,200yen
Weekday membership holder…10,800yen
Junior membership holder…10,800yen

*Please note that you are required to pay all three fees mentioned above to become a member.
*If you sign up as a one-year member but decide to become a regular member after the first year, you can do so just by paying the difference.

《Riding fee》40 minutes/without an instructor
10 tickets…10,800yen (available on weekends as well)

《Lesson fee》with an instructor
10 tickets…9,720yen

*Our prices include riders insurance, the rental fee of a riding hat and 8% tax.
*There is an instructor who speaks fair English/is available for a lesson, but please make sure to book your lesson through Explore Translation.

*Weight limit for riding horses is under 80kg.
*We only take yen.

Name *
Type of menu *
What menu are you interested in? (Check more than one if you wish)
Please include who is/how many of you are interested in visiting. If you intend to become a member, please also include time and date that you are available to meet up with a translator.




1340-1 Hashirano Iwakuni
Yamaguchi Prefecture


Closed on Mondays
*In case Monday is a Japanese public holiday, we will be closed on Tuesday instead.

Tsubaki Athletic Massage & Acupuncture


We treat these symptoms…

  • Stiff shoulders/neck

  • Lower back pain

  • Body misalignment

  • Sprain

  • Neuralgia…and a lot more


Why don’t you visit us and stop living with your pain? Many people have some kinds of pain in their lives. Please talk to us. We will find out the cause(s) of your discomfort and hope we can help you wake up the next morning without pain. We have a lot of experience in performing athletic massages on professional athletes, acupuncture and also effective physiotherapy. It is our goal to balance your entire body by working with you properly and accordingly.


Updated Menu

Effective July 12th, 2019
(If you were seen by the acupuncturist in June and he is still working on your treatment plan, your prices won’t be updated until August 1st. Thank you for understanding.)

Standard menu updated July 2019.PNG
Updated menu July 2019.PNG

For example…

◆ If you visit for the first time and choose the basic course, your cost will be 1,500+5,000=6,500yen.

◆If it’s your second visit and you choose the 1-month package deal, you will pay 5,000+4,000=9,000yen. Then your visits will be only 4,000yen each time for the rest of the month. It is a great deal if you plan on being treated more than 5 times within a month.

5 or 10-session tickets are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

They take credit cards now!


Cancellation Policy

When failing to reschedule/cancel 2 days prior (before 5pm)…1,100yen
Same-day cancellation…50%
No show or cancellation after appointment time…100%


amino acid products-musashi

We have free-form amino acids stick powder for various purposes in our clinic. Taking one stick is a lot more effective than taking 20-30 grams of protein to increase many types of health levels. We carry “Recovery (BCAA),” “Joint Health,” “Basic Amino Acids",” “Energy,” “Digestion Support,” “Natural Protection” and so on. Please contact us for more information.


Business Hours

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun JP
8:30~12:30 × × ×
15:00~19:00 × × ×
Name *
Available days? *
Please select all the days that we can make your appointment for.
Time frames? *
Please select what time(s) would work for your appointment. *Write down specific time(s) & date(s) in the message box below if needed.
Gender *
Please include your symptoms if you have any.




1 Chome 10-10 Nishimi Iwakuni Yamaguchi Prefecture

Hotel & Resort "Sunshine Sazanseto"

Perfect place for a couple, a getaway with friends and family!!
Reserve this gorgeous hotel for your special occasion to celebrate!


Photo Gallery


Special Summer Day Use Plans

July 6th-August 9th August 19th-September 1st  ¥4,500-5,000/adult ¥3,500-4,000/elementary schooler  ¥2,700-3,000/3-5yo child  Prices include... -Onsen & Sauna -Outdoor & Indoor Pool -Your choice of lunch  Lunch...11:30-14:00 Onsen/pools...12:00-18:00

July 6th-August 9th
August 19th-September 1st

¥3,500-4,000/elementary schooler
¥2,700-3,000/3-5yo child

Prices include...
-Onsen & Sauna
-Outdoor & Indoor Pool
-Your choice of lunch


Room Rates

2019-2020 Room rates.PNG

For example…

◆1 night(weekday)/Superior Twin Room for 2 adults & 2 children (age 0 and 2)
13,000yen/adult + 3,000yen(for 2 year-old) + 300yen(onsen tax for 2 adults)=31,620yen
Dinner…Cost varies depending on your orders at the restaurant
Breakfast…2,000yenx2+800yen(for 2 year-old) = 4,800yen
*8% tax not included

◆1 night(Saturday)/Family Twin Room(mountain view) for 2 adults & 3 children (age 0, 3 & 7)
25,920(room rate)+300(onsen tax for 2 adults)=26,220yen
Dinner…Cost varies depending on your orders at the restaurant
Breakfast…(2,160x2)+864+1,512=6,678yen (Infant/free)

Cancellation Policy

  • No show                  100% of your scheduled room rate

  • Same day                 50% of your scheduled room rate

  • One day in advance       20% of your scheduled room rate   *There is no charge in case of extremely bad weather such as a typhoon or blizzard. (Please note that you get charged 20% of your scheduled room rate unless you cancel a week advance during our top season / July & August)                                


Breakfast Buffet (Japanese & Western Style), more pictures to be added soon!


Indoor / Outdoor Pool Schedule 2019

Indoor pool is open on dates in yellow, and both outdoor and indoor pools available on dates in green.

Indoor pool is open on dates in yellow, and both outdoor and indoor pools available on dates in green.

Indoor pool is open on dates in yellow, and both outdoor and indoor pools available on dates in green.

Please note the small / medium sized tattoos are allowed in their public onsen, but they need to be covered with tattoo tapes (up-to 3 tapes sold at the front desk) in the public onsen. They sell up-to three covers, but please feel free to bring your own instead.


Relaxation Room Shione


30 minutes / From feet to shins … 3,800yen

Body Care Massage [acupuncture/relaxation]

30 minutes / Specific spots (upon request) … 3,800yen
60 minutes / Entire body … 7,300yen

Aromatherapy Lymphatic Massage

A highly effective yet gentle treatment which encourages lymph flow and drainage, restores balance and promotes relaxation through specific massage techniques with the application of essential oils for their therapeutic properties
40 minutes / Waist down or up … 4,800yen
80 minutes / Entire body … 8,300yen

Facial Lymphatic Massage

Promotes an ageless appearance by invigorating the skin, tissues, and nerves around your face, and we will massage your neck, shoulders, décolleté and arms as well
60 minutes / Basic session … 7,300yen
120 minutes / Special session … 11,500yen


Keratin Care for Heels

30 minutes … 3800yen

Shione Special Course

180 minutes / Aromatherapy Lymphatic Massage + Facial Lymphatic Massage … 16500yen


20 minutes / Reflexology … 2,000yen
20 minutes / Hand Massage … 2,000yen


Operating Hours 15:00-23:00 (Cut-off time … 21:00)
Women only

Please make a reservation through Front Desk of the hotel or call our translator at 070-4125-3730 for your reservation

Name *
When (how many nights) are you thinking about staying?
Example : 2 adults, 2 kids (age 5 & 9)
Please provide some information if you have a preference.




Hirano Katazoegahama, Suō-Ōshima Oshima District, Yamaguchi Prefecture Japan


Check-in : 14:00 / Check-out : 10:00
Pool hours : 09:00-20:00 (Also available before check-in or after check-out)
Aesthetic salon (women only) : 15:00-23:00

SUIBI Beauty Studio

Photo 2019-02-22 23 12 29.jpg
  • Haircut, color and highlights & lowlights

  • Kimono dressing services

  • Hair & Make-up

  • Deep conditioning

  • Wedding ceremony (dressing & hair style services on-site available)

Yukata (summer kimono) dressing service is being offered! They rent out / sell beautiful yukatas too.

Yukata (summer kimono) dressing service is being offered! They rent out / sell beautiful yukatas too.




Cut (S/B included)

Women/Men  ¥4,000
(¥3,500 w/o shampoo)
High Schoolers ¥2,500
Junior High Schoolers ¥2,300
Kids younger than above ¥1,700
Bangs Trim ¥500(S・B not included)

Spa Services

Facial Care…massage, pack and exfoliation (1.5 hours) ¥4,000
Facial & Decollete Care…facial care+ decollete massage (2 hours) ¥5,000
Foot Reflexology (1 hour / women only) ¥4,000
Anti-Aging Head Spa& Massage ¥3,000(+¥2,000 for S・B with short hair, (¥1,500 for short hair)/+¥2,500 for S・B・C)

Bridal Package


Deep Conditioning (S/B not included)

Aujua Complete Treatment
-Short  ¥3,500
-Medium~Long  ¥3,500~4,000

-Make-up, Hair Up-do and Dressing services : ¥30,000 (Approximately for up-to 3 hours)
 *We can rent a tuxedo(s) and dress(es) for your wedding ceremony and reception for ¥100,000 extra. (Cost for 1 tuxedo and 1 dress included) 


Colorwork (S/B included)

For Grey Hair ¥7,000 & up

All Over Color
-Short  ¥9,000 & up
-Medium  ¥10,000 & up
-Long  ¥11,000 & up

Highlights (All over)
-Short  ¥10,000 & up
-Medium  ¥11,000 & up
-Long…¥12,000 & up

All Over Color &Treatment
-Short  ¥10,500 & up
-Medium  ¥11,500 & up
-Long  ¥12,000 & up

For Grey Hair &Treatment
-Short  ¥9,000 & up
-Medium  ¥9,500 & up
-Long  ¥10,500 & up

Touch-Up Color   (1cm)
-For Grey Hair  ¥5,000 & up
-Normal Color ¥6,000 & up
 (excludes bleaching)


Make-up ¥2,500
Shampoo & Blow-dry ¥3,000 (with Styling ¥500 extra)
Hair Set (Up-do) ¥4,000
Flat iron styling only ¥1,500 & up
Curling iron styling only ¥2,500 & up
Hair set for children ¥3,500
Styling hair for children (braiding) ¥2,000 & up
Kimono Dressing Service ¥6,500 & up

Name *
When would you like your appointment?
Please include what type of menu you are interested in for your appointment.


  • You may cancel your appointment 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time without charge.

  • If you fail to show up for your scheduled appointment twice, we are afraid that we are no longer able to take any future appointments.

  • If you are late for your scheduled appointment, your appointment automatically will be cancelled.

Please call or text Explore Translation (Saori Rastall) at 070-4125-3730 for any appointment assistance.





3 Chome 14-30 Monzenmachi
Iwakuni, Yamaguchi 740-0031


9:00-18:00 for a cut
9:00~16:30 for colorwork

Closed on Mondays, first Tuesday, third Sunday of each month
Monday - Thursday & Saturday  11:00-16:00
Friday  11:00-15:00
Sunday  Closed

Fujioka Chiropractic & Massage

  • Voted as one of the top 100 Chiropractic offices in Japan

  • Appointments through Explore Translation take priority

  • Enjoy a massage with your Chiropractic services!

  • Specialized in traditional Japanese acupressure point “Shiatsu”

  • Treatments for symptoms listed below
    ◆ Stiff shoulders and neck
    ◆ Backache
    ◆ Chronic fatigue syndrome

    ◆ Symptoms after a car accident
    ◆ Hip realignment after child birth

  • Conveniently located near Atago base housing, NAFCO, and ICC!

Do you have a neck/back pain from various causes, including accidents, sports injuries, and muscle strains?

Please come try out their skillful techniques to feel very relaxed.

You will forget how tired your body is from daily work, housework or even sports!
They can also can fix your body's foundation by realigning your spine or pelvic bones upon request.

Even though the chiropractor is trying to learn English, please make an appointment through Explore Translation just to be more specific and safe.



*The prices have been updated as of July 1st, 2019.

Updated Prices as of July 1st, 2019

First Visit 8,480yen →3,500yen for either session listed below ONLY through Explore Translation

- Adjustment + Shiatsu Massage (30 minutes)

- Electrotherapy (10 minutes) + Shiatsu Massage & Adjustment (15 minutes)

From Second Visit

- Adjustment + Shiatsu Massage (30 minutes) 7,480yen

- Electrotherapy (10 minutes) + Shiatsu Massage & Adjustment (15 minutes) 5,480yen

Or if paying for some sessions in advance… (Payment only available in yen for these package purchases.)

30-min treatment

5 visits…34,500yen (6,900/visit)

10 visits…64,000yen (6,400/visit)

15 visits…88,500 (5,900/visit)

25-min treatment

5 visits…24,500yen (4,900/visit)

10 visits…44,000yen (4,400/visit)

15 visits…58,500 (3,900/visit)

*These advance ticket deals can only be paid in yen.


Cancellation Policy

One day prior … 20% of your scheduled session cost
On the same day … 50%
No show … 100%

Please be sure to cancel/reschedule at least 2 days prior to your appointment day through Explore Translation.


Fujioka Chiropractic & Massage was interviewed & introduced on one of the most popular gossip magazines in Japan early in 2018! They are selected as one of the 13 best clinics with “God’s hands” all over Japan.

He provides a treatment with traditional Japanese acupressure point “Shiatsu” along with adjustment.


Business Hours

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun JP
8:30~13:00 × × ×
14:30~19:00 × × ×
Name *
*Please be aware that you are not eligible to receive a 25-minute with electrotherapy if you have metal and/or pacemaker in your body.
Available day(s)? *
Select all the day(s) that works for your second say.
Time frames? *
Select time frame(s) do you want your appointment
Please include your symptoms if you have any.




5-41-4 Hirata Iwakuni Yamaguchi Prefecture

Flower Shop BIKOUEN

To order a specific product for birthday / anniversary / wedding, please contact Explore Translation for details. 

Would you like a beautiful bouquet at your anniversary dinner table waiting for your wife as you walk into the restaurant? Let us help you communicate with the florist and place a special order just for you! Wrist corsages for Marine Corps Ball / Navy Ball and more are available to order through us. 

*FREE DELIVERY if you order through Explore Translation and spend 3,000yen or more!!


Photo Gallery



Prices vary depending on a product or your budget.
・Corsage…2,500yen & up
・Boutonniere…1,300yen & up
・Bouquet…3,000yen & up
・Flower wreath…2,500yen & up
・Table decoration (centerpiece)… 2,000yen & up
*These are only examples, we can place your orders based on your budget.

We can help you surprise your special someone by making arrangements to have a floral arrangement delivered and waiting at your restaurant table!
our blog for more pictures and information.

Name *
Pick-up/delivery date *
Pick-up/delivery date
When would you like to receive your order?
Please share ypur location
Please include information like what your want to order.

*Free delivery is available when ordering through Explore Translation.
*When placing an order to receive another time, please make a payment first. Your order will not be completed until payment is submitted. (Now we take credit cards!)
*Your order will be automatically cancelled if it's
 not picked up by 18:30 on the planned pick-up date. (Orders are non-refundable.)





5-3-1 Imazumachi Iwakuni Yamaguchi Prefecture

Waxing Salon LUANA


Grand Opening March 3rd, 2018!

"LUANA" means "Satisfaction," "Relaxtion," and "Joy" in Hawaiian.
Waxing Salon LUANA will provide relaxing atmosphere and satisfying treatments through our services.
We named our salon wishing everyone's happiness. Hope you will feel "LUANA" here.

Treatment provided by  the staff trained in Hawaii. 





3-7-5 Kuruma-machi Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture



Mamuang Cafe


Thai & Vietnamese cuisine restaurant - They have authentic pho, green curry, yummy dessert and various types of coffee and soft drinks!

They always use...
-only Japanese chicken thighs
-only local grown rice made with a reduced amount of agricultual chemicals
-NO chemical seasoning

Thai goods and accessories are for sale as well.



Green Curry

Green Curry

Khao man gai Rice cooked w/ chicken bouillon soup & chicken on top

Khao man gai
Rice cooked w/ chicken bouillon soup & chicken on top

Khao man gai to go 790yen - Reservation required (The number of servings are limited)

Khao man gai to go
790yen - Reservation required (The number of servings are limited)

Pho Vietnamese rice noodle soup

Vietnamese rice noodle soup





 1-6-9 Imazu-machi Iwakuni Yamaguchi Prefecture Japan


Monday - Thursday & Saturday  11:00-16:00
Friday  11:00-15:00
Sunday  Closed