Marathon Registration Services


Would you be interested in running a (half) marathon or 10K run? We can help you register for the event you are interested in your area! We have made an event schedule listing so you can easily pick one for yourself.

Because the website for registraation is in Japanese, we will make everything way too easy for you!
Please fill out the form below to make the process as easy and smooth as possible.

Marathon Schedule

Created on September 17th

Created on September 17th


Assistance fees

◆Registration assistance…$20
(Please pay for the registration fee by yourself at a convenience store. Don’t worry, we will give you a barcode to show them so the process will be easy!)

◆Hotel reservation assistance…$20/group

Please fill out the form below and wait to hear from us first, and please pay the assistance fee here based on

Here are some notes you should know before registering.       

*We will be their point of contact by providing our phone number when registering.                                           

*They may close the registration period once they reach the maximum number of participants.               

*They will not refund the money once you register, even if they cancel the event for bad weather.         

*There are fees for each transaction. 200yen per 4,000yen registration fee or under, and 5% of registration fee if 4,000yen and up.

*There are children fees for all the races, so please check individually.

*Please know that the runs on this list are what was listed on the Japanese Runnet and Sports Entry websites, and we randomly picked the races that you may be interested.                                                                            

*There are other more events out there.  If you find evens that are not on the list and need help registering, please feel free to contact us here, too.                        



Please submit one form per person.

Name *
Please provide a Japanese off-base address if you live off base. (A Japanese version of your FPO address if you live on-base, please)
Which event are you applying for?
Which race would you like to participate in?
Date of birth *
Date of birth
Please fill this out if you are applying for a full marathon.
Would you like assistance in booking a hotel room for your race?