Trattoria Cinque Ponte - Iwakuni

Looking for a new date night restaurant?

A special place for your anniversary, birthday or special occasion?

Let Explore Translation book your reservation for this restaurant for a nominal fee!

This restaurant also has great lunch sets!

This restaurant also has a GREAT wine and alcohol selection!

This restaurant can tailor the menu and even the set menus to accommodate allergies and requests If you don’t want seafood, fish or shellfish they can substitute other items even for set menus

Located in downtown Iwakuni where there is plenty of nite life after dinner to enjoy - or if you visit during lunch there is plenty of interesting shops to explore before or after lunch.

They have their own FREE parking lot next to the restaurant so its easy to park.

There are many karaoke boxes near this restaurant and a lot of night life options We recommend this karaoke box with free parking They have lots of English song options. They also do not require you to make a membership card which makes it easier. 4-11, Marifumachi 6-Chōme Iwakuni-Shi, Yamaguchi Japan 740-0018

**Just one item to note - the building this restaurant is located in does have a bar which is unique to Japan - some bars in Japan have women who are there to talk to men and encourage them to buy more drinks and they get commission of their drink sales. So as you enter the building there are posters with pictures of ladies on them with provactive clothes (short shorts, club outfits) and provacative poses. Word of caution if bringing children to eat for lunch or dinner here. This restaurant did have younger Japanese children dining in it for lunch, but perhaps older children may question the posters as they approach this building :) I would not let these posters deter you from going, however, the food was amazing! The atmosphere was great and the classic rock American music made my spouse and I feel like we were on a date in the states!


10-11, Marifumachi 3-Chome
Iwakuni 740-0018