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Foto Facial RF - Skin Rejuvenation in Sasebo


You have had quite a few sun spots that are bothering you for a while?
Why don’t you consider getting them treated at a local cosmetic dermatologist, I-Medi Clinic in Sasebo? The Foto Facial RF procedure is right for people who want to improve obvious signs of aging, sun damage, acne and hyperpigmentation. Today, I (Saori) would like to talk about the treatment based on my experience.

So the picture on the left is the outside appearance of the building that the clinic is in, and the middle picture shows outside the entrance of the office, located on the 4th floor. The clinic is always sparkling clean and elegant.


Remove make-up

After filling out a patient’s intake form in English, waiting just a bit at the lobby, you will be called into one of their consultation rooms. If you are wearing make-up, you will be asked to wash your face. No need to bring your own make-up remover or facial clenser because they have them all. Gently wash your skin with the foam you made using a foaming net after using their make-up remover.


Consultation room

Once you are done with face wash, your consultation begins. One of the nurses askes you questions about your skin problems, medical background and so on, then Dr. Yanagisawa comes in to take a look at your concerned area(s). He asks you some questions and answers yours. (Don’t worry, one of us from Explore Translation interprets at your consultation.)


Treatment room

This is one of their treatment rooms. After the consultation, they show you when they have openings, possibly the same day or later day. I was able to get my first treatment in on the same day of my consultation.


They use this machine called “Foto Facial RF (Pro)” to treat your skin and this is the most popular procedure at this clinic. The device uses radiofrequency energy (RF) to send pulses into your skin that work to enhance and repair irregularities. Energy targets brown spots, light wrinkles, blood vessels, acne, large pores, and other blemishes. Moreover, it also removes some unwanted facial hair at the same time!

You can get to choose area(s) to be treated on your face for this procedure, either just the cheeks or the entire face. I chose my entire face because of all these possible great effects.


The nurse had me laid down on my back. She first shaved my face to avoid possible skin problems, then asked the doctor to come take a look at my skin one more time and decide which level she should use. After the doctor left the room, the nurse applied cold gel on the area of the skin before treating with the handpiece. I did feel some tingling sensation as the treatment began, especially on darker spots, moles, or between the nose and the upper lip. She let me know when to expect a little pain, so I was able to get prepared for that. There was never a pain that I could not tolerate.

When she was done, the doctor came in again to treat my entire face himself, now with a little stronger level. Then after he left the room, I was given a metal stick to hold while the nurse applied vitamin C lotion on my skin by fine current. It is supposedly good for boosting collagen production, fighting skin damage or signs of aging, and brightening dark spots! They include this vitamin C application service after the Foto Facial RF treamtment for the entire face only, but not when you just do the cheeks only. They say some patients even do entire faces so they can recieve this vitamin C session. Yes, it’s that popular. My entire treatment was over within 50 minutes.


Here are some pictures that show the progress. A few days later, the treated area scabbed/crusted and became visibly more noticeable the following day like in the picture #1, but these scabs naturally peeled in about a week (Picture #2 & 3). Now I am very happy and surprised by this great result! This miracle happened only after the very first session, and it is recommended you return for the total of several treatments every 3 to 4 weeks, but of course, the number of treatment varies between patients.

Before left.PNG

The cost for the first session of the entire face treatment is 22,000yen plus tax, but it is only 14,000yen plus tax if you just want to get the cheeks treated.

For more information about this clinic, please check their recommendation page:

Please note that they cannot perform any treatments if you are pregnant just to be safe.

Contact Explore Translation to make an appointment or inquire about this specific treatment/any other treatments that I-Medi Clinic can offer!

Autumn-leaf viewing spots in Saga Prefecture

Autumn leaves have changed their color into red or yellow. Would you like to travel to Saga to enjoiy viewing beautiful autumn leaves?

We are going to introduce 2 famous places passed Saga City mainly in this blog post, and a couple more in Arita Town.

We went to Kunenan Garden. They are only open to the public for 9 days a year for autumn leaves. This place has a house build for a successful entrepreneur, Yataro Itami in 1892 and it took 9 years to complete its garden. The garden looks stunning with the traditional old house! Absolutely breathtaking.

As you get close to Kunenan Garden, you will notice a lot of parking lots offered by residents in the area (1st picture). The parking fee is 500yen anywhere. After parking, you will have to find the admission desk with yellow tents (2nd picture) and get numbered tickets (3rd picture) but you won’t pay 300yen/adult until later. Follow the sign, pass through the shrine torii and go up the hill to get to the garden. No baby stroller is recommended as the slope is pretty steep and the garden has a lot of stairs (stroller not allowed in the garden.) We paid 300yen/adult at the admission desk by showing our tickets before entering the garden. They do not accept credit cards.

Photo 2018-11-17 15 27 47.jpg

As you can see, a lot of people were anxiously waiting for this time of the season. It would be better if you could visit before the Japanese holiday (November 23, 2018) as there will be TONS of people towards the end of this period of time. The last day for this year is the 23rd so this garden won’t be open on Saturday and Sunday. If you have no specific plans for Thanksgiving, this would be the perfect way to spend the beginning of the holiday season!

Photo 2018-11-17 15 33 29 (1).jpg

Kunenan was selected as one of the Places of Scenic Beauty in Japan in 1995.

Photo 2018-11-17 15 38 00.jpg
Photo 2018-11-17 15 36 06.jpg

You cannot enter inside the house, but everything there is very photogenic.
Please make sure you get there by at least 2:30pm to be able to enter the garden before 4pm as they stop issuing the numbered tickets if there are too many people in the line and they do not think everyone can enter the garden by 4pm.

Please visit Saga Travel Support page for more information.

As we followed everyone else after seeing the beautiful garden around the house , we saw this massive and old camphor tree which is over 800 years old. Then we encountered the entrance of Niiyama Shrine. We walked up the stairs to see the shrine.

Photo 2018-11-17 15 42 29.jpg
Photo 2018-11-17 15 44 01.jpg
Photo 2018-11-17 15 46 42.jpg

We saw a couple of resting areas that served matcha tea and some little sweets. We do not care for match tea very much, so we just enjoyed watching people resting there.

If you are into collecting goshuin stamps in a shuin book, you can get a stamp there,too.

Photo 2018-11-17 16 28 32.jpg
Photo 2018-11-17 15 51 45.jpg
Photo 2018-11-17 15 55 53.jpg

Cannot get over how stunning this place was!! Definitely worth a visit, everyone. :)


Now we headed to the next place, called Daikozenji (it’s a temple) by driving for about 30 minutes towards Fukuoka. Remember to take exit “Tosu” if you take a toll road (30minute on the toll, but 50 minutes not on the toll.) Once we arrived there, we parked at their big parking lot up on the hill, then walked for like 5 minutes to the foot of their LONG stairs. I was out of breath because I carried my 22lb baby all the way there. (FYI, my husband was called into work and had to miss all these, so carrying our baby was my mission for the entire day.) But of course my 3-year-old boy was so fast making it up there and waiting for us by cheering for his Mama! Kids are tough indeed.

Photo 2018-11-17 17 59 54.jpg

Admission fee is 500yen/adult, 300yen/child (6-15 years old), Japanese yen only.

Photo 2018-11-17 18 05 08.jpg

They light up everything between 5pm and 8pm this weekend and next (November 17, 18, 23, 24 and 25, 2018) only. Please note you can’t see all these if you go during the week.

Photo 2018-11-17 18 28 14.jpg
An inverted image of the beautiful leaves…maybe it’s not as impressive as the one that is reflected on water, but it was still pretty.

An inverted image of the beautiful leaves…maybe it’s not as impressive as the one that is reflected on water, but it was still pretty.

They have a udon noodle restaurant in the place so you can eat dinner here, too.


Now, I would like to introduce closer places to Sasebo…in Arita Town (my hometown).

“Ooicho (BIG ginkgo tree)” in Arita, no shuin stamp available


Also there is Tozan Shrine nearby that you can visit.

Its Torii gate is made of Arita porcelain! How cool is that?

Niiyama Shrine

Niiyama Shrine

Daikozenji Temple

Daikozenji Temple

Tozan Shrine

Tozan Shrine

You can take lots of pictures but please know you are not allowed to take pictures at worship spots most of the times, and these shrines and temple posted here are all not exceptions. Please follow the rules and enjoy your trip! Let’s go exploring! :)

If you have any comments or questions about these places, please let us know by writing the comments underneath this post.