SUIBI Beauty Studio is taking appointments for Navy/Marine Corps Ball

Have you worn a kimono while in Japan? Your Marine Corps Ball/Navy Ball night is one of the best opportunities to try it out!

Quite a few clients of ours have experienced a wonderful night in the best attire possible with the great work of SUIBI staff members.

SUIBI 2018 宣伝用写真-07.jpg

The owner of SUIBI dresses you up with one of their beautiful kimonos, and set your hair beautifully! You can of course book a make-up appointment with them as well. The lady in the picture above brought a kimono in and this is a traditional way to be dressed in a kimono.

SUIBI 2018 宣伝用写真-11.jpg

They can also do this “dress-looking style” for the kimono service! Very stunning.

Here are some tremendous jobs from the past few years since we started working with this salon.

We make appointments and help you communicate with them at no cost! Please feel free to inquire about this salon.

Hair + make-up + kimono rental & dress-up service…33,000yen & up

Hair + make-up + kimono rental & dress-up service…33,000yen & up

Please visit their page on our site for more information! We look forward to hearing from you. :)

Thank you, and have a great day!