The store front

Hi, I am Kumiko, a new translator on Team Sasebo, Explore Translation!

If you have a car here in Sasebo, you might have seen or heard about this simple Sasebo hamburger shop. This one is close to the car registration office, and right across Shiratake Aeon Mall.

That small window is where you order and get your food. They have no indoor dining area but they have 2 tables and couple of benches outside for people who want to eat their burgers hot and fresh.

This shop provides a gravel parking area next to the shop that can fit several cars, and they say we are also allowed to park at Aeon Mall.

Outside dining area

Your order is usually ready in about 15 minutes, longer when busy. So a lot of their customers call in advance and order for a pick-up. My latest visit was when I took this photo. It was very cold, so after I made my order, I told them that I would be waiting in the car. The lady asked for my license number so she could deliver it right to my car.


Let me get down to the YUMMY part! Their menu!


Hamburger - 400 yen

Cheese burger - 480 yen

Egg burger - 480 yen

Bacon burger - 480 yen

Bacon Egg burger - 530 yen

Bacon Cheese burger - 530 yen

Cheese Egg burger - 530 yen

Special burger

(Cheese + bacon + egg) - 580 yen

Chicken cutlet burger - 480 yen

Fish burger - 480 yen


French fries

(w/skin, w/o skin) - 200 yen

Chicken cutlet - 250 yen

Special burger

Their burgers have beautifully toasted white buns. Toasted on the outside and soft on the inside. My kind of harmony! By the way, this burger is soooo HUGE. You’d think you’d get tired of the taste as you go halfway through… but the sauce makes you want to keep biting! The cute star wrapper helps a lot since it could get really messy. This might be the messiest hamburger I’ve ever had, but also the most satisfying one.

Playstation 3 controller for scale

Here is a picture of the Special burger next to a PS3 controller (the closest thing I could grab).


Their french fries (w/skin). It had more in the beginning, but I couldn’t wait to eat and had some while driving back home. One portion is usually enough for two adults.

It is seasoned really well (heavily with salt). So if you like salty potatoes, this one will surely hit the right spot!

I say that for me, this is THE BEST Sasebo burger I’ve ever had. If you haven’t tried Kaya burgers, I highly recommend it!

Location to Kaya Burger Shop