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Hi, this is Kumiko. I started vaping 3 years ago back in Yokosuka because, well.. most of my friends there vaped. It’s like a new tool for social gatherings. And vape clouds definitely smell and taste better than the traditional cigarettes. And back there, I never had any problems getting liquids, or getting new accessories such as replacement coils, a new atomizer.. because there were shops almost everywhere. And I remember some military spouses even sold their original liquids.

I moved to Sasebo about 2 years ago and I was bummed out that I couldn’t find any vape shop nearby. I know I can always order online but, I’m really not much of an online shopper. I hate the wait, I hate the uncertainty.. I guess I’m just impatient and stingy! I just don’t want to wait for weeks and spend money on something that I wasn’t sure I’m gonna like. I bought a PIZZA flavor liquid and… I should have known. It was just terrible! It’s not for me, at least.

SO! Imagine my excitement when I found out that there will be a vape shop in the arcade, “the Ginza” as we call it! If you have been to Iwakuni and paid attention, this VapeLine is also in Iwakuni. Welcome to Sasebo!

Liquid Shelf

Not only that, I got to go inside the store and see what they offer before the opening! And I had the honor to have a little chat with the owner!

He said that this place welcomes any kind of vapers. Some of you use vape as a tool to quit smoking, for some women, they vape to feel refreshed, just like when chewing a gum, or just enjoying the aroma of different liquids. Some as their hobbies, since there is the fun of building and making in the world of vaping. They don’t have a type of customer as a target. This place is simply very friendly to all kinds of customers!

As you can see in the picture above, they have many liquids from many known brands neatly displayed on the shelf that you can try. Also, on the left side of the picture, they have a small corner to show and teach beginners how to make their own coil if interested. And in the future, they might be able to offer original flavors! Fingers crossed!!!


Although this is a small shop, it felt really spacious inside. The mods are nicely displayed, and I see that they have a lot of them from different makers.

Another great thing the owner told me is that they will be handing out point cards on our purchases! I am excited to see the discounts I will get!

Different angle of the shelf above.

Different angle of the shelf above.

They sell pre-made coils, wires, liquid bottles, and many other vape accessories. I am very interested in making my own coils, so I might get myself the kit set!

I loved how the place was so easy to find, and the atmosphere of the shop was just lovely! This is definitely the best find this year! Check out the location of this shop to visit! Lastly, here is the VapeLine Store hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Saturday: 1200-2200

Sunday: 1000-2000


Let’s go exploring!