Oshima eats: Cafe Misaki - Iwakuni Area

Oshima’s water supply was cut off in October and November after a German cargo ship collided with the Oshima Bridge. Residents struggled to go on with their everyday lives and so did the businesses on the island. The water supply is back and the bridge is operational once again. Even though the lives of the residents are back to normal, restaurants, shops and hotels are suffering from their tremendous loss in those “blackout” months they were forced to close their businesses.

One of them is Cafe Misaki. It stands on a hill overlooking the ocean with its red facade catching every driver’s eye. The cafe pops out of nowhere once you turn the curve. But don’t worry if you drive past it; there’s an additional parking on the left just a short distance away from the cafe. You can use the space to turn around and park your car on the slope just below the cafe. Do not park by red cones on the right.


Their menu mostly consists of curry. Different kinds of curry such as seafood curry with oysters or octopus, Thai curry, butter chicken curry and keema curry. There is “Never Curry” which was added to the menu to support the revitalization of Oshima in the wishes to "never give up,” hence the name. While the intensions of the curry is very admirable, but the ingredients of Never Curry (onsen egg, nattou and ground meat) may be something that non-Japanese guests have to be adventurous to try.

You can choose the spiciness of the curry and also opt for naan bread instead of rice for additional 250 yen. The prices are a little on the high end, but it’s worth it if you’re a true curry connoisseur.


The high price of their meals also pay for the location. There are 4-5 tables inside the cafe and 3 tables on the balcony. The ceiling-high glass wall allows the entire cafe to have a beautiful ocean view. The cafe is probably a good choice for a date or outing with a small group of friends considering the cosiness and the food options. Misaki Cafe would be perfect for a romantic fun date especially if the special someone you’re trying to impress is an adventurous eater and/or curry lover.


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