Ooshima Honjinjaya Hot Pot Oshima Island - Iwakuni

Looking for more dining options when you visit Oshima island?

Check out this “hot pot” nabe and sukiyaki restaurant tucked away on top of a mountain very close to the green bridge!

Beautiful mountaintop panoramic views of the ocean and green bridge!

Our command recently had about 50 people reserve this entire place for a lunch while touring the island on a base rented tour bus! Its a great place for large groups to stop or even just your family!

There is a historical drum in the ceiling which is from the Japanese military and was on the Japanese sailing ships a long time ago.

The ingredients for the hot pot are all you can eat and laid out in a buffet style for you to put on your plate what you wish to throw into the pot to cook at your table.

The staff will bring you a plate full of thinly sliced meat (beef, pork, etc) for you to put in the pot depending on what you order.

There is also Japanese beef curry on the unlimited bar to get that is mild and kid friendly.

There is a resident cat who is always there to welcome you.

They have plenty of parking on two different mountain levels and parking is free. The upper parking lot is a bit steep so be sure to use your parking brake!


10-1, Nishimigama
Suooshima-Cho, Oshima-Gun, Yamaguchi
Japan 742-2101

Directions from Iwakuni Base:

At 4 corners take left onto 188
Go all the way down along ocean front highway
Cross over the green bridge to Suo Oshima
Take left at Suo Oshima “Hollywood” style sign
Restaurant will be on your right not too far down