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Make Kimono Photo Memories in Japan!

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Want to make a memory which will last a lifetime?

Consider renting a kimono from SUIBI Beauty Studio to take professional photos in or for formal events.

Some kimono photo studios you can only borrow the kimono and take the photos inside the studio just long enough for the photos.

But SUIBI Beauty Studio allows you to rent one of their kimonos to wear all day and return the next business day!

It seems like every time I see people do a kimono “try on” they wish they never had to take it off! Its such a fun and unique experience!

SUIBI also offers hair, makeup, lashes and many other services so you can get your services done all at one place and then have them professionally put on a kimono for you! A one-stop shop!

Sure, it is tempting to purchase a kimono at one of the second hand shops or even new, but it’s hit or miss if you can find anything in the right price range or the quality/style you want and which is also the right size. There is also an art and a lot of time that goes into actually putting on a kimono. There are many layers and ties that must be done. Plus, most quality looking kimonos (such as the ones SUIBI rents) cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars! I recently went shopping to purchase one and was shocked how much they cost! So I decided to just rent one!


Also, living overseas it is often hard to find the perfect gown or outfit to wear for a special occasion. Shopping online and finding the right fit is hit or miss. Finding one locally to buy or borrow is also hit or miss. Plus, while you are in Japan, why not take the opportunity to wear a kimono and really stands out in the crowd instead?

Why not let the professionals at SUIBI help you get a true kimono experience? It’s a memory you will always treasure from your tour in Japan and photos you will treasure for a lifetime! Typically Japanese women have other women such as their mothers and grandmothers help them get dressed in kimono. The women here were so sweet and caring I felt as if they were my family dressing me.

I recently had a formal event I wanted to wear a kimono to, so I contacted Explore Translation to help me set up an appointment for kimono rental, dressing, hair, lashes and makeup. I sent them a picture of the type of hair style I wanted.

SUIBI is conveniently located on Highway 188 not too far from base (near Coco Curry and YouMe Town shopping center) and has convenient parking. They were kind enough to open up at 6 am for me to be at the formal event I was attending at 9 am!

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They have a special room in the back of their beauty salon with drawers full of many beautiful high quality expensive kimonos to choose from. They showed me all the kimonos which would fit my body size and height. They do have kimonos to fit plus size women also! They can use their kimonos to dress you in both the traditional and modern dress style (they take an actual kimono and put it on you in a way to make it look like an American style dress). I was able to select the kimono I wanted a few weeks prior to my event date so that they had it all prepared for the big day.

The morning of the event I had my hair, lashes and makeup done first. SUIBI has always been wonderful at recreating the formal hair style photo inspiration ideas I send to Explore Translation to ask them to do. They were very respective of my wishes also for very light makeup. I had never had lashes applied before but they were very gentle and did a great job and they looked amazing!

After hair, lashes and makeup, I went to the dressing room to put on the kimono. Not only do they lend you the kimono but they also lend the special bra and slip called the “juban” which goes underneath a kimono. They also lend matching traditional shoes for the kimono. I am a plus size and wear a 9.5 shoe so no worries for the plus size and larger footed ladies out there! They have you covered too!

The dressing took about an hour to put it all on. There are many different layers and ties which go into putting on a kimono correctly. I had no idea!! Finally, they put on the obi makura belt and then the special white “tabi” socks and shoes to match the kimono, which is included in the rental. I also opted to rent one of their hair accessories to go with the kimono.

This is the room where SUIBI puts the “juban” (white slip), koshi himo belt, datejime belt, obi makura belt and white tabi socks on you for the professional kimono dressing service.

This is the room where SUIBI puts the “juban” (white slip), koshi himo belt, datejime belt, obi makura belt and white tabi socks on you for the professional kimono dressing service.

The best part about renting the kimono is that it was not due back until the next business day so I got to enjoy wearing it all day and all evening. I got a lot of great photos at the formal event I was attending, then headed to the Kintai and Kikko park areas, and I even got one of my children to put her kimono she owns on and took a few photos also.

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Wouldn’t this also be great for family professional photos? Have your service member wear their uniform (SUIBI also rents and can put on men and childrens kimonos as well) and rent a kimono for yourself?

Cherry blossom photo sessions would be amazing with a rented kimono also!

Contact Explore Translation make appointments and help you communicate with them at no cost! I’ve used their help quite a few times for formal events and was very pleased with their services!


Please visit their page on our site for more information!

Contact Explore Translation today to make a memory of a lifetime with SUIBI!