Fujioka Chiropractic & Massage - Iwakuni


Voted as one of the top 100 Chiropractic offices in Japan

  • Appointments through Explore Translation take priority

  • Enjoy a massage with your Chiropractic services!

  • Specialized in Japanese Shiatsu

  • Treatments for symptoms listed below
    ◆ Stiff shoulders and neck
    ◆ Backache
    ◆ Chronic fatigue syndrome

    ◆ Symptoms after a car accident
    ◆ Hip realignment after child birth

  • Conveniently located near Atago base housing, NAFCO, and ICC!

Parking is located in the two spaces directly in front of the office and also to the left of the building (when facing it) spaces #1 and #4. Spaces #1 and #4 are marked with the white sign with orange letters you see in the last bottom picture.


-25-minute session - 4,980yen ( 15-min shitatsu + adjustment + 10-min electrotherapy )
→First time…3,980yen (1,000yen OFF through Explore Translation!)
→Second time or after…ALWAYS 3,500yen

-30-minute session - 6,980yen ( shitatsu + Adjustment )
→First time…5,980yen (1,000yen OFF through Explore Translation!)
→Second time or after…ALWAYS 5,500yen
*If you are 18 years old or younger, your first session will be 4,980yen and second time or after will be 4,500yen.

But if you refer a friend and he/she books an appointment, your friend will get an additional 300yen OFF for his/her very first session!
-25-minute session…3,680yen
-30-minute session…5,680yen/4,680yen if 18 years old or younger
(Second time or after…same as prices listed above)

*Yen Only